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Avalon ADF26-E Donut Fryer 18" X 26" Electric (1 phase) Right Side Drain Board

$8,298.00 $9,437.00 -13% OFF

Avalon ADF26-E Donut Fryer 18" X 26" Electric (1 phase) Right Side Drain Board

$8,298.00 $9,437.00 -13% OFF

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Product description
Electric Heated Frying Area 18" x 26" (46 x 66 CM)

Since 1927 Avalon has been a premier U.S. manufacturer of quality donut and bakery equipment. The company is family owned and operated with a mission to be the preferred global supplier and the highest quality, value based equipment in the donut equipment sector.
  • Frying Area 18 inches side-to-side x 26 inches front-to-back (46 x 66 cm)
  • 208 Volts / 60Hz / 1-phase
  • Drain tray on Right side of fryer
  • Comes Standard with options that typically cost extra such as;
    • Cake Screen with Handles
    • Cradle Lifter
    • Crumb Screen
    • Submerging Screen
  • Thermostat controlled heat
  • Cake dropper mount built in
  • Stainless Kettle Pot
  • Stainless Back Splash with easy to read temperature controls
  • Heavy duty drain and valve with exterior handle to empty shortening
  • Leveling bolt down legs
  • 1 year parts and labor cost limited warranty
  • A ventilation and fire suppression hood is usually required for indoor locations.
  • 350 pounds shipping weight
  • If a cake dropper is desired to be mounted, please check out the Belshaw type B or F to be used with the provided mount attached to the back of the fryer.
  • Accessories suggested; Type B or F cake dropper and the appropriate size Shortening Filter machine for the model made by Avalon that stores under the fryer.