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Belshaw Donut Robot Mark VI Deep (2 variables in Variants)

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Belshaw Donut Robot Mark VI system - for cake and yeast raised donuts from Belshaw on Vimeo.



The Donut Robot ® Mark VI is part of the Mark VI donut system, for high quality cake and yeast-raised donuts. The EZMelt and Feed Table accessories are essential to running the Mark VI system. Other accessories, such as proofer, glazer, and icer, are optional. Now with 2 choices for making cake donuts - Type F electric depositor, or the new Dual Automatic system depositing 4 donuts per row.

Belshaw Adamatic's Donut Robot ® Mark VI Production System makes donut production faster and easier than open kettle frying. Less training is required to work the system efficiently, and more consistent quality can be achieved. The automatic fryer can reduce shortening consumption by as much as 50% compared to standard fryers. It provides identical frying conditions for each donut, without an operator needing to stand over the fryer to insert, turn and lift donuts out manually. Both cake and yeast-raised donuts can equal or surpass donuts made by standard kettle fryers.

  • Mark VI fryers are the same length as the Donut Robot Mark V, and two (2) times the width. Therefore the capacity is double that of the Mark V.
  • On a Mark VI the flight bars are spaced 3- 3/4" (95mm) from center to center allowing donuts up to 3 3/4" width. On a Mark VI the flight bars are 4- 1/2" (114mm) from center to center, to accommodate larger donut varieties in addition to the smaller varieties.
  • Drain Valve is purchased separately on this model
  • Mark Vl is certified ETL to UL, CSA and NSF standard


  • Mark Vl with/ Type F depositor - 1060 per hour
  • Mark VI with/dual automatic depositor- 1060 per hour
  • Mark VI Deep- 860 per hour


    • Cake donuts: Makes a full variety of cake donuts using either: Type F depositor, electric, operated manually, capacity approximately 112 dozen donuts per hour, at 95 seconds frying time, makes crullers, krinkles, sticks, and every kind of cake donut using a variety of plungers.
    • Dual automatic Donut Robot ® Depositor, same capacity as Type F. For Ring donuts only, but saves a lot of labor and effort by depositing 4 donuts automatically per row, using the same system as the Donut Robot ® Mark II.
    • Yeast-Raised donuts: makes excellent yeast-raised donuts with the addition of optional Feed Table, Trays, and Cloths, capacity approximately 96 dozen donuts per hour, at 110 seconds frying time.
    • Suitable for any yeast-raised product that will fit between the conveyor bars of the fryer. That means Rings, Bars, Berliners, even Twists and unusual shapes.
    • All electric donut machine, with automatic conveyor, turner, and outfeed belt
    • Speed is adjustable by dial on control panel
    • Heavy duty elements, with high temperature shut-down switch
    • Conveyor and kettle are all removable for easy cleaning
    • 3 phase power supply required, with voltages available for all countries
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