Orange Icing Fruit by Fruit Filling Inc. (Organic)

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Orange Icing Fruit by Fruit Filling Inc. (Organic)

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Product description

Concentrated organic fruit with real fruit pulp used to add flavor and fruit to icing, confections, or cakes. It also is a great way to make flavored fondant or ganache centers for dipped or molded candies.

20 different ways that orange icing fruit can be used.

1. As a topping for cakes and cupcakes
2. To decorate cookies
3. As a filling for pies and tarts
4. To make popsicles
5. To decorate ice cream
6. To make meringue or macarons
7. To top a cheesecake
8. To make fudge or candy
9. To make orange glaze
10. As a topping for pancakes and waffles
11. To make orange creamsicles
12. To make orange nougat
13. As a flavoring for smoothies
14. To make marshmallow fluff
15. To make jam or jelly
16. To top yogurt or oatmeal
17. To make a citrus salad
18. To make sorbet or granita
19. To make orange marmalade
20. To make orange frosting