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Belshaw Proofing Trays for Mark ll / Mark V (used with Feed Table)

by Belshaw
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The Belshaw Feed Table, Proofing Trays, and Proofing Cloths produce high-quality yeast-raised donuts on a standard Mark VI donut system.

  • Take one proofing cloth and one proofing tray from your stock.
  • You should have at least 24-48 trays depending on your daily production. Place the proofing cloth on top of the proofing tray.
  • Place rolled and cut donuts on the proofing cloth, between the lines.
  • Repeat the process several times. Allow donuts to rise. Insert tray, cloth, and donuts into a proofer to speed up the process.
  • After the donuts have risen, carry each proofing tray, proofing cloth, and the donuts (together) to the Feed Table.
  • Place the proofing cloths and donuts on the feed table with the rod in front of one hook on each side of the Feed Table's stainless steel chain.
  • Pull out each Proofing Tray and store it for the next use. T
  • The Feed Table advances in time with the fryer and drops the proofed donuts automatically between the bars of the fryer conveyor.
  • The Proofing Cloths are ejected below the Feed Table, ready for re-use