Belshaw Type K Pancake Dispenser
Belshaw Type K Pancake Dispenser from $180.00 $207.00
Stand is not included; Belshaw's Type K Pancake Dispenser is the professional's choice for accurately depositing pancake batter. It is also suitable for Waffle and Waffle Cones. The Type K is quick and easy to use and provides accurate portion control at a variety of sizes, from mini to extra large. Belshaw's Type K depositors are designed to be mastered by the novice in minutes. Operation is easily accomplished with minimal waste, and consistent deposits are easily delivered time after time. Each pancake dispenser offers 8 calibrated volume settings located on the handle. Hopper size is generous and holds about 5.5 pounds (2.5 kg). Each hopper is constructed of aluminum; each plunger and cylinder is constructed of stainless steel. The entire unit is corrosion resistant and easy to clean. The Type K Pancake Dispenser is NSF-C2 certified. Belshaw Adamatic .
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Belshaw Type K Stand
Belshaw Type K Stand $62.85 $71.65
This convenient stand is for resting your Type K Pancake, Donut or Hushpuppy Depositor when awaiting use