Yeast Raised Mix
Bakers Table Raised (Table Cut) Donut Mix Bakers Table Raised (Table Cut) Donut Mix
Unity Bakers Table Raised (Table Cut) Donut Mix $59.84
Bakers Table Raised Donut Mix is formulated especially for hand cut donuts. This high potato content, sweet dough donut makes a light and air like pastry. You can create consistent and delicious donuts with this quality mix. This top performing mix is easy to make. The recipe is a time tested with almost a century of success stories just add water and yeast to create delicious Raised Donuts. Bakers around the country use this mix daily and have commented that it has the best flavor of any table cut mix. The mix creates tall, soft crumb textured donuts with structure and large white proof rings. The donuts brown nice when cooked with great texture and long shelf life. Samples are available Each bag weighs 50 pounds.
Rapid Rise Raised Donut Mix
Unity Rapid Rise Raised Donut Mix $59.84
The Rapid Rise Raised Donut Mix has been time tested and sold for decades throughout the U.S. . The Rapid Rise Raised Donut Mix is perfect for Dough Sheeters and Table Cutting donuts. This Yeast Raised Donut mix is one of the most versatile in the business. . Time tested and proven to be one of the best in the industry. Sweet and excellent taste with great table characteristics and is good for machine cut donuts or table rolled product. This mix is considered the best in the industry for making tall, quality donuts with minimal effort by the baker. Just add water and yeast, mix and proof to make a high yield donut dough. Each bag weighs 50 pounds. Approximate yield of 400/ 2 ounce items. Samples can be obtained in our Shortening & Mixes section. Shipping is not a issue, we will ship 200 pounds to a container load (45,000 pounds) anywhere in the contiguous U.S. for only 150.00 Flat Rate. Check out www.donut-supplies.com for more details or order here.