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Type K Plungers & Attachments

  • Type K Donut Depositor with 1-9/16" Plain plunger ,for Ring or 'Old Fashioned' donuts up to 3⅜ inches (86 mm). 
  • Type K Donut Depositor with 1-9/16" Star plunger, for Ring or 'Old Fashioned' donuts up to 3⅜ inches (86 mm).
  • Type K Mini Donut Depositor with 1" Plain plunger, for 1 mini donut per deposit.

In addition, Type K accepts 3 optional attachments to any 1-9/16" plunger. These attachments divide the donut deposit into 2, 3 or 4 pieces (see 'Related Products' below).


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