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Apex Premium Donut Fry Non Hydrogenated Oil/ Shortening

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Don't use liquid oil for your donuts. Donuts require a hard fat to prevent the donuts from absorbing excessive oil. We have tested many varieties and our favorite is the APEX Donut Fry from ADM. Trans Fat free and great tasting unlike cheap palm oils and all purpose shortening. This shortening has a higher burn point so it last longer than the softer shortenings.

3RD GENERATION APEX branded Donut Fry shortening system. This new development blends the physical processing technology of Flex (functional crystallization) with fatty acid formulation work, to hit the sweet spot APEX delivers FULL PHO FUNCTIONALITY but without the PHO'S.

Apex is considered the best donut fry shortening in the industry because it offers an unprecedented standard of shortening functionality without the PHO. Unlike other products produced in the post-PHO era, which suffer reduced functionality and flexibility compared to hydrogenated oils, Apex is a true PHO-free drop-in solution.

This product moves the needle in terms of consistency, stability, firmness, and performance by leveraging the marriage of Stratas functional crystallization with an expanded and more resilient fatty acid platform. Moreover, APEX achieves this major step with a soybean oil, rather than a palm oil based system so it does not have the altered taste of Palm Oil.

Apex is a really a game changer." ADM Shortening provides full functionality while maintaining work-ability and a high quality, taste and texture. With up to 35% of your product being the oil that it is fried in, don't use a cheap high absorption shortening that will ruin your quality for your store.