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BakeMax Electric Artisan Stone Deck Ovens 4 Pan Wide

by BakeMax
Original price $20,182.50 - Original price $60,957.00
Original price
$20,182.50 - $60,957.00
Current price $20,182.50

The BakeMax Electric Artisan Stone Deck Oven are European in design and performance. The ovens are designed for high volume baking, pizza, and all-purpose operations. Unique in both design and technology, our ovens are not only an excellent baking solution, but also offer a contemporary style serving as a centerpiece for today’s high-end baking industry.

Its versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of products. This modular oven is suitable for any production capacity; the number of decks can be gradually increased as your business grows. Available in pan widths ranging from one through four pans wide and up to four decks high. Optional proofers and storage cabinets available on the one, two and three pan wide ovens.


  • Heavy duty construction with stainless steel front exterior and high grade steel chamber. Fully insulated with rock wool to prevent heat loss and offer higher performance.

  • Separate steel decks offer the ability to add or remove decks based on your business needs.

  • Heavy duty legs with lockable castors.

  • Adjustable doors with large tempered glass windows offer the ability to view products while cooking and to add a distinct selling point for customer.

  • Power on-off rocker switch for each deck.

  • Digital temperature controllers with temperature LED display and temperature-ready LED indicators.

  • Sensitive K-type thermocouple sensors.

  • Maximum temperature for baking 572˚F

  • Holds 18”x26” full size pans

  • 99 minutes digital timers with LED display and continuous ring alarm controlled by rocker switches.

  • Chamber oven light controlled by rocker switches.

  • Moisture control dampers.

  • Includes a stone hearth which produces a crispier bottom crust and more golden brown color for food. The stone is cut into several separate decks to get rid of thermal expansion issue.

  • Compartment Steam Generator – The compartment steam generator is installed above heating elements. The compartment absorbs recycle upward heat and generates strong steam while water is being injected into the compartment. The steam generator does not consume any extra electric power and ensures rapid recovery.

  • Elements – Independent, operator controlled top & bottom heating elements provide an optimal heat distribution over the entire chamber. Offering optimal thermal condition of the chamber uniformly transfers the heat to the products. The bottom set of electric heating elements attaches to the underside of the hearth, and the top set attaches to the ceiling of the chamber. Top and bottom digital thermostats control each set of heating elements, allowing operators to determine the ratio of top vs. bottom heat and offer infinite possibilities to adjust the oven for the baking of every conceivable product.

  • 1 year limited warranty

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