Blue Label Raised Donut Mix- -35#

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Blue Label Raised Donut Mix- -35#

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Product description

Create consistent and delicious donuts with this quality mix. This top performing mix is easy to make. The recipe is a time tested with almost a century of success stories – just add water and yeast to create delicious Raised Donuts.

Bakers around the country use this mix daily and have commented that it has the best flavor of any mix. The mix creates tall, soft crumb textured donuts with structure and large white proof rings. The donuts brown nice when cooked with great texture and long shelf life.

Blue Label donut mix is designed to be a hand tool, table cut donut only. If using a donut sheeter or a donut extrusion cutter such as the Belshaw Type F-YRD machine please use the Red Label Mix

Samples are available, search samples in the search bar of the website.

Each box weighs 35 pounds.