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Edhard F-5003 6 quart hopper single Spout includes (Single Blueberry F-3014 Spout) (for larger fruit including cubed apple)

by Edhard
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F-5003 is a 6-quart filler unit measures 9 inch diameter x 15 inch high. This single spout filler fits the Edhard P-4012 filler and includes the standard F-3014 -Blueberry spout for filling pastries. Tip dimensions- Spout with standard donut tip, 7/16 diameter x 3-1/4 inch long 

The Single spout filler is for heavy viscosity fillings such as the white cream filling for donuts. The Double spout will crack when trying to dispense the dense fillings. The single spout is designed to withstand higher pressure at the dispensing head.

Hopper molded in clear, FDA-approved Lexan, a brand of robust polycarbonate. Can perform a wide range of dispensing functions, from filling pastries to depositing one product onto another. A large variety of specialized spouts (sold separately) adapt the filler unit to fill donuts, éclairs, croissants and other pastries. Dispenses smooth batters and layer toppings, deposits butter and cream cheese onto bagels and rolls, and doses other semi-liquid products, quickly and efficiently.

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