Lil Orbits Electric Model SS-1200 with HP14S Small Hopper 320 per Hour

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Lil Orbits Electric Model SS-1200 with HP14S Small Hopper 320 per Hour

$8,988.00 $10,336.20 -14% OFF

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Product description

The Lil™ Orbits Model SS1200 mini-donut machine is an exciting, fun and profitable addition for any concession operation. The SS1200 produces up to 1,200 mini-donuts per hour and includes the famous Lil Orbits

 AFS-Series Advanced Filtration Carts- not be used with gas models

For Odor-Free Cooking!

Now you can operate the SS1200 donut machine in the open without hoods or ventilation! The downdraft system is designed for use in sites where odor control is required - like malls, convention centers, sports arenas and retail stores. The system also includes a built-in automatic Pyro-Chem Kitchen Knight II fire suppression system. The entire system is self-contained and compactly mounted in a beautiful food-grade stainless steel cabinet.

For the AFS24 for the SS1200, you will have a proven profit maker.

include the patented Downdraft Filtration System and Fire Suppression System. The Downdraft System has baffle housings that sit above the counter surface, which fit around the Donut Machine. You can hardly tell it's there, and when it's running it's whisper quiet.

Used By Professionals

Back up emergency pull for fire system
Stainless steel counter top
Sliding doors on back
Easy to maintain - maintenance costs are pennies per day
Illuminated display marquee (Cat. #A147) mounted on detachable chrome tubing
NSF-approved sneeze guard (Cat. #PL600G)
Locking designer casters

Cabinet dimensions (Approx, please contact us for exact dimensions):
72" L x 24.5" W x 33.5" H (1.83m x 61cm x 85cm) to floor to counter top
75" L x 24.5" W x 89.5" H (1.83m x 61cm x 2.3m) from floor to top of Lighted Marquee

Electrical requirements:
AFS24: 30 amp, 220V - Donut Machine and Downdraft System

Weight: 320 lbs. (145 Kg), crated shipping weight: 435 lbs. (295 Kg)

Blower motor is split capacitor type, UL recognized E47479 and E374403. Rated at 645 cfm.

Available in 120V, 60Hz and 220-240V, 60Hz

Certified by ETL to NSF-4. UL-197 and CSA C22.2

Cart as shown is certified by ETL to:

  • NSF-2, NSF-59
  • ANSI/UL-710B, ANSI/UL-73, ANSI/NFPA-96
  • UL300
  • CSA C22.2 No. 68-92 and No. 113

Easy To Maintain!

Every 12 hours: lift out the baffle grease filters. Wash, dry and replace. Takes only minutes!

Every 40 hours: replace one carbonized pad and remove top pad.

Every 1,000 hours: refill activated carbon bed with our special granulated carbon.

Total maintenance costs is only pennies per day!

Comes with enough replacement pads for 500 hours of operation.

™ Orbits action attraction that pulls customers in.

The Model SS1200 mini-donut machine is portable for quick and easy set up, and carries a life time equipment guarantee.

Quick Change Hopper System

By using the quick-change hopper system, the SS1200 will produce donuts in 4 different sizes. Simply exchange the hopper bowl and piston combination to produce a different size.

Here's what you can produce:

  • HP1200 Hopper produces 1200 Mini-Donuts per hour (1-5/8" or 41mm diameter)-
  • HP14S Hopper produces 320 Small Donuts per hour (2-1/4" or 57mm diameter)
  • HP716S Hopper produces 210 Medium Donuts per hour (2-1/2" or 63mm diameter)
  • HP916S Hopper produces 160 Large Donuts per hour (3" or 76mm diameter)


  • Completely Automated...cooks both sides, then automatically flips out the cooked product into the receiving tray.
  • Easy to Operate...a new operator can become skilled in minutes! Training video included with machine.
  • Variable Speed...solid state speed control varies from a tantalizing 1 donut per minute up to 1200 donuts per hour. You can pace output to demand and always get action attraction.
  • Easy To Clean...only 7 basic components. Chains, sprockets and conveyor flights have been eliminated. A breeze to clean!
  • Cash Control...tamper-proof digital counter keeps track of every donut made.
  • Quality Control...solid state timing features control cooking time, so every donut comes out perfectly cooked for exact quality control.
  • Universal Voltage...plugs into 115 VAC, 20 Amp circuit. (220 VAC, 30 Amp also available)
  • Lifetime Warranty...under our non-transferable lifetime warranty, all components will be repaired or exchanged for a small fee for as long as you own the machine.
  • Food grade stainless steel and aluminum construction.
  • Sets Up In tools required.
  • Modern Flotation System
  • Minimum Maintenance


Overall dimensions:
37" L x 14" W x 24.5" H (94 x 35.5 x 62 cm)

Empty: 50 lbs (23 kg)
Shipping: 60 lbs (27 kg)

Frying area:
30" L x 4" W x 2" D (76 x 10 x 5 cm)

Approximate shortening capacity:
Solid shortening: 18 lbs (8 kg)
Liquid shortening: 2.5 gal (9.5 L)

115 VAC, 60 Hz, 2300 W, 20 A or 220 VAC, 50 Hz, 2600 W, 20 A
Molded plug with ground.
Robertshaw thermostats with safety hi-limit thermostat.
North American machines are fitted with a 5-20P NEMA plug, and should only be inserted into a receptacle rated at 5-20R. (Click link to view image of NEMA configuration).

Certified by ETL to NSF-4. UL-197 and CSA C22.2