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*Required Orbits Siphon Pump & Oil Can

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Developed by Lil Orbits, the Siphon pump and Insulated Oil Can provides optimally efficient, reliable, and user-friendly cooking oil filtration for your Lil Orbits fryers.  Keeping oil clean is challenging when frying products, particularly items like cake donuts, in which particulates break loose in the oil.

Debris in the fryer quickly burns and carbonizes, which contributes to oil degradation, this damages the quality of the oil, and disrupts cooking efficiency, making the fryers harder to clean and ultimately compromising product quality in terms of taste, appearance and shelf life. Degraded oil used for frying can also lead to serious health-related side effects due to increased levels of fatty acids, oxidized lipids and acrylamides.

If you filter every day, the oil stays much cleaner and lasts longer. When the oil’s clean and rich (filtered) it imparts much better flavor. When your oil’s dirty and broken down, donuts are more oil-saturated and you get a buildup of fatty acids.

Lil orbits siphon system allows you to quickly siphon the shortening into the insulated Oil can and then the handles make it easy to return the oil when finished. The Lil' Orbits Oil Can also make transportation of the hot oil easy with the locking lid. Everyone should purchase this with their Lil Orbits fryer.

  • A109  Lil Orbits Siphon Pump
  • A145  Lil Orbits Oil Saver Can