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RS' ROLLER-SUBMERGER SYSTEM for Belshaw MARK V Donut Robot, Electric, Gas, GP Models

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Enables automated production of Cake Donut Holes on Mark V, including Gas and GP models.

Belshaw's new RS Roller-Submerger system expands the capability of your Donut Robot® fryer. The RS System Deposits, Rolls, and Submerges Cake Donut Holes to provide even frying and color. The RS System includes:

  • Donut Hole Plunger (1-9/16 inch) – forms 4 Donut Holes per conveyor pocket, up to 1½ inches in diameter (38 mm), 0.6 oz (17 grams) after frying.
  • Roller-Submerger – guides and submerges the Donut Holes under the shortening to ensure they fry evenly.

The RS System is compatible with existing Mark II and Mark V machines, including all Gas and GP models. GP models will require a Standard Hopper, rather than the Mini-Donut Hopper used in GP machines.

The RS System is easy to set up, and changeover is under 5 minutes.     

(** Patent pending)